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David ODey

Web Designer & Front End Developer
I have a strong passion for web standards, and creating uniquely awesome user experiences that can be accessed on all devices.

There has never been a better time to be a web designer, it’s really exciting. The web has finally evolved enough to do some pretty wicked things that are lightweight, and native to most browsers. IE has finally been overthrown as the browser of choice, and mobile device use is skyrocketing, out selling desktop machines 3 to1. Designers have also realized that desktop experiences are not the same on mobile devices, and we can’t just re-purpose them, to fit the small screen. A completely new approach must be taken, a mobile first approach. You cant build a mobile first website from a pre-made template, or service. You need to hire a qualified consultant. Someone who can handle content strategy, user experience, and pays attention to the details. If you are looking for this type of web designer, let me introduce myself. I am a responsive web designer and front-end developer located in, Phoenix Arizona and yes it’s really hot here in the summer. I have a strong passion for web standards, and create unique, awesome user experiences, that can be accessed on all devices. I am not a template designer, I don’t design banner ads or graphics, and I choose my clients carefully. You can contact me by using the form below, or you can send me a message on twitter. I’m always available, and I enjoy answer questions and solving problems.


Recent web projects I've worked on

Take a look at some of my work. I put a lot of love into my designs, all projects are hand coded by yours truly. I don't ever work with pre-made templates,

motive energy

Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate

ui/ux, wireframes, prototypes, creative direction

wrp containers

WRP Containers

wordpress, html, css, javascript, mobile strategy

motive energy

Motive Energy

wordpress, html, css, javascript, mobile strategy


O'Reilly Automotive

css, mobile strategy

Contact Me

Send me your questions or a message. Quote requests too!

One aspect I love about web design is our outstanding community. We have this passion for helping each other, designers and non-designers. If you need some help, have a question, or would like to request a quote. Please send it along. You can also tweet me your questions at @davodey

It is NOT ok for you to contact me to solicit your services. I only team up with friends in the local Phoenix Arizona area.